COST Action TD1004

COST Action TD1004

Annual Meeting

Instanbul - Oct 3-5, 2014

The Annual Workshop of the COST Action TD1004 (“Theranostics”) will be held in ISTANBUL (Turkey) on 3rd-5thOctober 2014.

Venue: Kaja Ramada Hotel (
Local Organizer: Mustafa Selman Yavuz (

Interested to submit an oral/poster contribution to the workshop?
Please contact one of the WG Leaders:

  • WG1: Imaging reporters for theranostic agents
    Renata mikolajczak, National Centre for Nuclear Research Radioisotope, Centre POLATOM, Poland
  • WG2: Nanocarriers for theranostic agents
    Ruth Schmid, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway
  • WG3: Preparation and selection of targeting vectors
    Robert N. Muller, UMONS, Belgium
  • WG4: Theranostic agents responsive to endogenous and external stimuli
    Gerben Koning, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, The Nederlands
  • WG5: Set-up of preclinical theranostic protocols
    George Loudos, Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Greece

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