Molecular Imaging Center

The Molecular Imaging Center was founded by a joined initiative of chemists, biologists and physicians approved by the Italian Ministry of University and Research in 2001.

It gathers ca. 30 researchers whit projects supported by National and Regional Agencies, EU and Industries and hosts many foreign researchers (BE, CZ, SK, F, HUN, GR, UK, Japan and India).

Since 2016, it coordinates the activities of the Euro-BioImaging multi-sited "Multi-Modal Molecular Imaging Italian Node" (MMMI), which offers access to Molecular Imaging technologies and related services to national and trans-national reasearchers. Users can access our services at a discounted rate by applying at the Euro-BioImaging Web Access Portal. More info on the MMMI Node website.


On Sept. 29th a Carnegie Group delegation visited the Center of Excellence for Preclinical Imaging site at Colleretto Giacosa.
The NIUMAG Instrument for training students and newcomers on the procedures for the acquisition of MR images is now available at the Center of Molecular Imaging.
In the photos, Professor Aime, Head of the Molecular Imaging Center, presents the new facility to his coworkers.

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