What Molecular Imaging is?

In vivo characterization of and measurement of biological process at cellular and molecular level

Probe the molecular abnormalities at the basis of disease rather than imaging the end effects of the molecular alterations

Combine new molecular agents with traditional imaging tools to create targeted, tailored therapies with the ability to simultaneously find, diagnose and treat disease

Main lines of research activity at CIM:

  • High Sensitivity MR Imaging Reporter (Gd-complexes, CEST agents , Hyperpolarized molecules )
  • Imaging reporters responsive to specific physicochemical and biological parameters of the cellular microenvironment (pH, temperature, metabolites' concentration, enzymatic activity)
  • Cellular labelling (staminal cells)
  • Tumor targeting (AA, LDL, Anionic and cationic transporters, Adhesion molecules, Hyperexpressed receptors, fibrin)
  • "Targeting" of Atherosclerotic Plaques (HDL, macrofaphages…)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Assessment of changes in Vascular Permeability in neo-formed vessels

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