Molecular Imaging Center

The Molecular Imaging Center (CIM) at the University of Torino, directed by Silvio Aime, is a cross-disciplinary chemistry and life science lab. Our work at the CIM is to develop imaging probes that support preclinical research with focus in several life science areas. It was founded by a joined initiative of chemists, biologists and physicians approved by the Italian Ministry of University and Research in 2001.

Currently, the CIM is an international imaging science center equipped with state-of-the-art imaging instrumentations covering all the available imaging modalities as well as multimodality imaging.

Since 2016, it coordinates the activities of the Euro-BioImaging multi-sited "Multi-Modal Molecular Imaging Italian Node" (MMMI), which offers access to Molecular Imaging technologies and related services to national and trans-national reasearchers. Users can access our services at a discounted rate by applying at the Euro-BioImaging Web Access Portal. More info on the MMMI Node website.

Research Areas

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COST Actions

COST Actions CA15209 - Eurelax
"European Network on NMR Relaxometry"

COST Actions CA16103 - Parenchima
"Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers for Chronic Kidney Disease"

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Ongoing Projects

GLINT logo
CIM partecipates to the H2020 project GLINT aimed to investigate GlucoCESt imaging as a potentially disruptive new diagnostic tool.

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Primo GAIA logo
CIM partecipates to the H2020 project Primo GAIA Prepolarized MRI at Earth Field to seek new contrasts linked to molecular events for very early detection of pathologies

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Upcoming events

EMIM meeting

15th European Molecular Imaging Meeting 2020 image 15th European Molecular Imaging Meeting 24-27 March 2020 Thessaloniki, Greece

ISMRM meeting

ISMRM 28th Annual Meeting 2020 image ISMRM 28th Annual Meeting 2020 18-23 April 2020 Sydney, Australia

WMIC meeting

World Molecular Imaging Congress 2020 image World Molecular Imaging Congress 2020 7-10 October 2020 Prague, Czech Republic

Recent papers

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