The Molecular Imaging Center is well equipped in terms of chemical (synthesis and analytical characterisation), biological (cell culture and animal models) and small animal imaging laboratories for molecular imaging investigations.

The lab is equipped with several small animal MRI systems (three 1T, one 3T, two 7T) from Bruker and Aspect Imaging. These systems can be used for contrast enhanced images, DCE, DWI, MRS, CEST and hyperpolarized experiments in mice and rats with high spatial resolution. We are also equipped with a 1T MRI for severe immunocompromised mice under SPF condition. In addition, the lab is equipped with a small animal PET/SPECT/CT high resolution scanner, two whole body optical imaging systems, two ultrasound and two optoacoustic imaging systems.

Furthermore, the lab has a state-of-the-art cell culture laboratory including laminar flow and incubator, a gamma counter, a histology and PCR lab and a microscopy lab. We are equipped for custom organic and peptide synthesis for all the imaging modalities. We have access to clinical radiotracers as well as to experimental PET radiotracers. The laboratory is also equipped with high end computer workstations with specialized software, such as PMOD or Paravision but also commercial software packages like Matlab.