Post Doctoral Research Fellows

Sara Zullino

Research Fellow
Department of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences
Longo Lab


Ph.D. Complex Systems for Life Sciences, University of Torino, Italy
M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy

Research Interests

My research aims at building novel Matlab and Python based tools for processing preclinical Magnetic Resonance (MR) images, particularly devoted to exploit CEST (Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer) MRI methods for investigating tumor acidosis. I am also involved in developing a customizable workflow for archiving, sharing, and processing medical images for preclinical imaging facilities through the integration of an open source imaging informatics platform (XNAT) with customized tools for automated image processing.

Research Topics

Contact Information

Address: Via Nizza, 52 - 10126 Torino
Phone: +390116709539


Full list of publications are available at Scopus