The development of biosensors is emerging as an important tool for the in vitro detection and quantification of

  • biomarkers of diseases (e.g. cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infective diseases, …),
  • analytes of interest for food analysis.

Nano- and micro-sized systems are currently proposed as amplification systems for improving the sensitivity of analytical tools. Liposomes, RBCs-derived systems, mesoporous silica nanoparticles are examples of available systems.
These systems are properly designed in order to contain highly sensitive reporter agents (e.g. chromophores/fluorescent molecules, photoacoustic-active probes or paramagnetic NMR-detectable molecules) and to be responsive to the bio-analyte of interest.

Our current projects include:
  • Detection of MMP-2 activity in biological fluids (e.g. plasma) by using enzyme-responsive LipoCEST agents for MRI.
  • Detection of nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) by using fluorescent-liposomes.
  • Development of highly sensitive small and giant liposomes for revealing biomarkers of diseases (e.g. integrin overexpression).

Group Leaders:

Simonetta Geninatti Crich Daniela Delli Castelli Giuseppe Ferrauto